Compatibility Testing
Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Creo Tech provides best in class Compatibility Testing services with an extensive coverage of lab facilities that covers all the latest OS, platforms, and hardware to ensure your product performs over a wide range of technical specifications. We are associated with different software and hardware vendor partners so that if any hardware device or server configuration that we do not possess, can be quickly acquired.

With our experienced team, whether you produce educational software, online apps or utilities depending upon the complexity of your product and the number of platforms to be tested, projects can be performed less than a week.

Our Approach includes:

  • All versions of the browsers currently in use including IE 6 to IE 11, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Compatibility Test Plan specifying exactly for the tests needed to be executed
  • Our testing lab offers all the hardware and software needed for such testing
  • Test execution by our staff of experienced test engineers
  • Maximum range of test configurations matrix

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Compatibility Testing

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