Digital Assurance & Testing
Digital Assurance & Testing

Digital Assurance & Testing

Creo Tech provides address the multi-faceted needs of digital transformation testing by Digital assurance & testing solutions. We assure digital transformations by conducting comprehensive testing across your digital value chain encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web content, digital assets, web analytics and the entire digital ecosystem – which includes cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

You can add customer centricity and agility to your assurance approach for improved customer satisfaction and increased business with our digital assurance solutions.

Creo Tech provides the following Digital Assurance & Testing solutions:

  • Responsive web design kit and reusable libraries
  • Thorough validation of user experience
  • A tool & technology agnostic framework
  • Validation of security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Cost effective solution leveraging cloud
  • Testing of site integrity & end user experience
  • Cross browser/platform frameworks

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Digital Assurance & Testing

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