Mobile & Game Testing
Mobile & Game Testing

Game Testing

Creo Tech provides best in class testing solutions for mobile testing in which software developed for handheld devices are tested for their functionality, usability and consistency. Creo Tech has expertise team who makes sure to provide best in class mobile application testing solutions.

With increased diversity in games, gaming platforms, and gamers worldwide have made a game development as a very lucrative field. Creo Tech’s Game Testing Services include all the gaming platforms such as desktop, mobile devices, tablets, and cloud computing. We make sure that ISV and Gaming Developers are able to fulfill that expectation.

Our Approach includes:                 

  • Experience in setting up game testing labs to effectively test our client’s products.
  • Specialized game testers with extensive experience in hundreds of games across many genres.
  • Ability to ramp up and down quickly to meet your business objectives.
  • Test automation with advanced image recognition techniques.

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Mobile & Game Testing

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