QC to ALM Migration
QC to ALM Migration

QC to ALM Migration

Quality Center (QC) to ALM helps to manage project milestones, deliverables, and resources. QC is now known as ALM tool as it supports various phases of software development lifecycle.

QC to ALM Migration helps organizations to manage their application quality in a better way by moving from conventional development approach to a fast paced Agile Environment. Creo Tech provides best in class QC to ALM Migration services.

Our Approach includes:

  • Outlines of the requirements vs. test cases (Detailed traceability matrix)
  • Performed between test cases and requirements (Dependency analysis)
  • Issues between the current release and previous release (Change reports)
  • Release specific regression test pack
  • Risk based analysis
  • Continuous pruning

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QC to ALM Migration

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