Testing Center of Excellence
Testing Center of Excellence

Testing Center of Excellence

Organizations today are facing challenges in maintaining product quality, tools, and inconsistent test processes across locations as the reason they are looking to improve their testing practices in a Testing Center of Excellence. Setting up a TCoE creates a centralized testing function, improve efficiency and reduce testing costs.

Creo Tech TCoE Services have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises, ISVs across the verticals.

  • Agile and highly Responsive Testing Services
  • Co-located Testing Professionals (Career Testers) & Access to specialist software testing pool
  • IP-led Testing Services
  • Improved test planning, management, governance, and reporting
  • Proven expertise in setting up TCoE for large organizations
  • Lowering the need for expensive testing infrastructure (hardware and tools)
  • Reduction in total cost of software testing up to 40%

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Testing Center of Excellence

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