Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

In this age of technology revolution, it's continuously witnessing the increase in users having mobile devices and it is extremely important to stay in touch with technology at all times. The instant SMSs on transactions at multiple stages of delivery of any order make a company reliable for its users and for this cause, transactional SMSs are gaining popularity in e-commerce, banking, retail and all such businesses.

Our Transactional SMS services from CreoTech are free to integrate with your enterprise software modules. We provide best-in-class Transactional SMS services for all events such as fee alerts for Schools, payment confirmations and ordering food for Restaurants, scheduled interviews, and interview results for Businesses, every step of product delivery for e-commerce businesses.

Key Features

  • Send SMS text messages to individuals and groups from the internet
  • Send SMS Messages using schedule Date and Time
  • Send SMS in Different Languages
  • Personalize outgoing messages
  • Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files
  • View message delivery reports
  • View history of messages sent
  • Best-in-class delivery & real-time reports

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Transactional SMS

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